ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter




Brand Arm & Hammer
Item Weight 40 Pounds
Material platinum
Scent Fresh
UPC 033200870005

1. 10% more smell eliminators than our Bunch and Seal new fragrance. Bunch and Seal Feline Litter Multicat Platinum smell control amassing feline litter has strong scent eliminators in addition to ARM and Mallet Baking Pop. Sufficient for multi-feline families!
2. multi day scent free home, Ensured. Bunch and Seal MultiCat clustering feline litter. Get the feline scent control advantages of having a feline smell killing litter box. So powerful, it’s ensured to keep your home smell free for 7 days.
3. Protected recipe seals and annihilates scents on contact. Complete scent fixing clustering feline litter, a leap forward in smell control. Remarkable innovation frames a tight seal around smell and obliterates it with strong scent eliminators and Baking Pop.
4. Rock hard bunches for simple scooping. Amassing feline litter with plant-inferred particles that assist with making unshakable feline litter clustering. Dampness actuated Miniature Granules structure tight seal around squander without feline litter precious stones or feline litter pellets.


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ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter