Amazon Brand – Wag Dry Dog Food, Grain Free (Beef, Chicken, Salmon & Sweet Potatoes)

Hey dog lovers! Here is some big news for you. We have entered a dog food game for you. We have brought dog food from the leading retail brand Amazon, that is Wag Dry Dog Food. Amazon started providing pet foods in 2018, in which dog food is the most recent product.

In the wag brand, there are wet foods and kibble formulas. The kibble formula is further grain-free and grain inclusive. At the same time, wet foods are in the form of stew and pate. However, we offer you grain-free Wag Dry Dog Food. Our food meets the requirements of AAFCO. Thus, you can choose our food for your doggy without any hesitation.

Our Wag Recipe is Grain-Free

Our Wag Dry Dog Food is grain free. The researchers have shown that there is a relationship between dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and grain-free food. In addition, you can also choose grain-free food if your dog is intolerant to grains. We advise you to discuss with your vet the choice of your doggy before purchasing food for her.

Moreover, it does not contain corn grains, wheat grains, or artificial flavors. It does not even include chemical preservatives or artificial colors. It is made by the family-owned system in California, USA.


Our Wag Dry Dog Food has beef, chicken, salmon, and sweet potatoes. It all contains proteins that are important to keep your dog bounding best. It contains cage-free American chicken, the no. 1 ingredient to add to the dog food.

We care about your consciousness about having protein at the top dog foods. The addition of salmon to our Wag Dry Dog Food satisfies this requirement. It makes high-quality proteins available at the top of the ingredients list.

Wag Dog Food Special Note

Our Wag foods contain nutrients that exceed than recommended by AAFCO requirements. For Example, AAFCO advises having 18 percent crude protein content and 35 percent protein level. Our Wag food contains 14 percent fats. However, AAFCO recommends 5.5 percent for adults and 8.5 percent for puppies. Moreover, it also contains a satisfactory amount of vitamin E and zinc, along with selenium.

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